Course NumberCourse Title
CBE 262Fundamentals of Bioengineering
CBE/MOL 411Antibiotics: From Cradle to Grave
CBE 419Enzymes
CBE 433Mechanics/Dynamics of Soft Living Matter
CBE 438Biomolecular Engineering
CBE 439Quantitative Physiology
CBE 440Physical Basis of Human Disease
CBE 447Metabolic Engineering
CEE/ENV 385Environmental Thermodynamics
CEE/ENV 477Engineering Design for Sustainable Development
COS 343Algorithms for Computational Biology
ECE/BNG 451Bioelectronics and Biosensors
EEB 325Mathematical Modeling in Biology Medicine
EEB 330Programming for Biology
ELE 452Biomedical Imaging
ELE 480fMRI Decoding: reading Minds Using Brain Scans
ENE 318Fundamentals of Biofuels
MAE 344Biomechanics and Biomaterials: From Cells to Organisms
MAE 416Bioinspired Design
MAE 550Lessons from Biology for Engineering Tiny Devices
MOL 433Biotechnology
NEU 314Mathematical Tools for Neuroscience
NEU 330Computational Modeling of Psychological Function
NEU 437Computational Neuroscience
NEU/PSY 443Computational Psychiatry
NEU 457Measurement and Analysis of Neural Circuit Dynamics
PHY 412Biophysics
PHY 562Biophysics
QCB 311Genomics
QCB 408Foundations of Applied Statistics and Data Science (with Applications Biology)
QCB 455Introduction to Genomics and Computational Molecular Biology

Advanced Life Sciences

Course NumberCourse Title
ANT 405Topics in Anthropology - AIDS Across the Americas
CEE/GEO 471Introduction to Water Pollution Technology
EEB 314Comparative Physiology
EEB 324Theoretical Ecology
EEB 403Genes and Neurons Underlying Behavioral Evolution
EEB 409Understanding the Evolution of Adaptive Systems
GEO 417Environmental Microbiology
MOL 342Genetics
MOL/CHM 345Biochemistry
MOL 348Cell and Developmental Biology
MOL 380Modern Microbiology
MOL 415Modern Biophysics and Systems Biology
MOL 423Molecular Basis of Cancer
NEU 202Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience
NEU 422Dynamics of Cognition
WWS 354Modern Genetics and Public Policy