Mission and Values

ODBI Mission Statement

The Omenn-Darling Bioengineering Institute supports and expands Bioengineering at Princeton, igniting new directions in research, education, and innovation at the intersection of Engineering and the Life Sciences. We build synergy with a broad cross-section of Princeton’s research activities, including novel technologies and devices as well as computational and cellular engineering. Our research and educational activities are explicitly linked to the broader world, acknowledging that ODBI’s biggest impacts are realized beyond Princeton’s borders, with positive ripple effects on society amplified through partnerships with companies, hospitals and other institutions. By nurturing a diverse and welcoming culture that values fearlessness, innovation, and boundary-crossing, ODBI educates the next generation of leaders in Bioengineering. We train and empower our community to pursue cutting-edge research that unlocks fundamental discoveries, and their engineering application to addressing pressing human needs.


ODBI places the highest value on integrity, collaboration, the exchange of ideas, innovation, and scholarly excellence in the field of bioengineering. We foster a culture of service and outreach, within an engaged community of diverse scientific and personal backgrounds.

Statement on Communication, Ethics, Integrity and Conflict Resolution

All members of the ODBI community, and especially ODBI faculty, uphold the highest standards of ethics and integrity, both with respect to research integrity and human interactions. We each commit to giving consideration to questions, concerns, or suggestions from all members of our community, listening to feedback from ODBI faculty, staff, postdocs, and students. Our ability to work together to achieve our shared mission, mindful of our shared values, requires direct, honest, and professional standards of communication. We commit to address, both individually and collectively, any disagreements, friction or conflict, in a thoughtfully professional manner, with mutual respect and consideration.