Omenn-Darling Bioengineering Institute

Jose Avalos and team in lab

José Avalos (right) and his research team engineer microbes in his lab to address global challenges in renewable energy and sustainable manufacturing. Photo by Sameer A. Khan/Fotobuddy




Transforming troublesome seaweed into a feedstock of the future

A research team led by José Avalos aims to reimagine Sargassum — the culprit behind massive algal blooms — from an economic and environmental burden into a boon.

New tool could lead to at-home flu tests

Faculty at the Omenn-Darling Bioengineering Institute at Princeton and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard are developing a fast, easy way to diagnose many viral infections. 

New projects bring together artists with scientists and engineers

The Collaborations between Artists and Scientists or Engineers fund encourages collaborations between faculty and scholars in the arts and those in the natural sciences or engineering. 

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